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Non-Standard Construction Insurance

Specific insurance for residential properties that aren't made with materials that are traditionally used to make homes in the UK, such as bricks and mortar.

Is your home a listed building?
Or perhaps it has a thatched roof?
Or maybe it's made from something other
than bricks and mortar? 

If any of these apply to your home, there's every chance it is classed as non-standard. This means that, unlike traditional home insurance, you would need a specific type of cover to protect your home. It's called non-standard construction insurance.  

Buildings classed as non-standard property

Standard property or homes are normally built from brick or stone and their roofs are usually slate or tile. A non-standard home can be made with the following: 

  • Steel or wood frames
  • Cob, which is a mixture of clay, water and straw, more likely found in the south-west
  • Wattle, a woven wood lattice packed in by daub, a combination like cob
  • Flint
  • Grass and peat - like some homes in Scotland
  • Thatched or plastic roof tiles

Guarding against financial losses associated with renting out a property Depending on the type of policy you require for your rental property, policies will generally include cover for a number of items as standard. These include fixtures and fittings as well as replacement of windows, locks and keys. It may also provide peace of mind for malicious damage caused by renters as well as unforeseen natural events such as subsidence. Alternative accommodation may also be included in the policy, but do read the small print.  

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Why do I need specialist cover?

Due to the nature of these materials, the homes that are built with them are usually more challenging to make and require unique skills to build them. Thus, the repair costs accompanying these properties are usually higher than those of standard properties.

These non-standard elements may also need more consistent maintenance due to their vulnerability to damage. Eco homes are now usually considered as non-standard properties, as the materials used to build these types of homes need specialist care and maintenance.

Does non-standard construction insurance cost more?

Non-standard construction insurance may cost more compared to a standard property policy. This is not only because of the nature of the materials used, but also because of higher and more specific risks involved in more uncommon properties. 

For example, if you have a thatched roof, the main hazard would be fire and if your property is listed, you have to comply with many different rules and regulations when it comes to any repairs needed.

Why choose LycaInsure?

At LycaInsure, we understand that searching and buying the right insurance can be a little overwhelming. That's why we are on hand to help you find the best deal for you, ensuring that your home is suitably covered. 

With our customer promise, we will make the whole process stress-free and save you time and money. We give you the facts so you can decide what policy is right for you and with our secure website, you'll be safe in the knowledge that your information will never be sold on. Plus, we are free to use and totally independent, so you can have complete confidence that you are choosing a fair and honest insurer to protect your home. 

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