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Cosmetic Car Insurance

Scratches, Scrapes and Dents:
Is Cosmetic Car Insurance the Answer?

If you're a car owner, the chances are you're no stranger to the perils of minor damage. We're not talking about major bumps and prangs. We mean those infuriating scuffs, scrapes and scratches that mysteriously appear on your car's bodywork when you're just going about your business. You might have misjudged a turn, misread the width of an opening, failed to spot a concrete post. Or your car might have been innocently parked when another vehicle passed a little too close and left you with an ugly calling card. 

Small but costly errors 

More than half of all car owners in the UK have experienced superficial damage. Sometimes it's through their own mistakes, at other times it's down to the carelessness of others. They're always avoidable but they just happen. They don't make any difference to the car's performance but they really spoil the look. So then we have to decide whether to live with the result or pay for the repairs.

Isn't that what car insurance is for?

For major damage, you wouldn't hesitate to call your insurer. But when you're looking at a few hundred pounds' worth of damage, the standard insurance excess could eat up most of the claim. Worse still, you could lose your valuable and carefully accrued no claims benefit.

So, like over 75% of car owners in this position, you decide not to call your insurer and to deal with it yourself. But that's still going to cost you a few hundred pounds.

Bridging the insurance gap

There is an alternative to crashing your no claims bonus, covering the cost yourself or leaving the damage as it is. Cosmetic car insurance is a relatively recent innovation designed for precisely this predicament. With low level superficial damage, you are otherwise between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Cosmetic car insurance gives you the chance to cover yourself for these common everyday occurrences. If you do a lot of driving in town traffic or parking in small spaces, it could be the perfect solution. It's much cheaper than conventional car insurance and comes with far lower excess levels. You can buy it along with your purchase of a new car but you can also get it from aftermarket providers.

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All insurers vary in the extent of their cover. Some will not help with cracked bumpers, others will put limits on the age and mileage of a car. There may be stipulations about the size of damaged areas restricting cover to localised scrapes or dents but ruling out any marking that stretches the length of the car, for example.

Cosmetic car insurance and primary insurance

Lastly, it is vital that you remember to inform your primary insurers of any and all incidents whether or not you make a claim. Failure to disclose anything could invalidate your car insurance. Cosmetic car insurance is an excellent add-on to your main cover but don't forget your essential obligations. Keep that in mind and there's no reason you shouldn't benefit from this effective and affordable protection.