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Black Box Car Insurance

Are you a young driver under the age of 25?
Then you'll know how confusing and overwhelming it can be when shopping around for car insurance.

Yet, what if we told you there could be one simple and cheaper solution when it comes to insuring your car? It's called black box car insurance and it could save you hundreds of pounds each year. 

What is black box car insurance? 

Black box car insurance or telematics as it's otherwise known, is a type of insurance where a small device is installed in your car hidden from sight at no extra cost. This device collects information and data, measuring how well you drive. As a result, it can reward safe drivers with reduced premiums. 

How does black box car insurance work? 

The device fixed in your car collects and records a range of information about your driving habits, such as: 

  • Cautious cornering 
  • Good braking/handling 
  • Speed on different kinds of roads 
  • Total mileage 
  • Motorway miles 
  • Time of day or night you drive 

All this data is used to observe how safely you drive. 

What are the benefits? 

By collecting information about the way you drive, the black box device encourages you to drive safer by rewarding you with discounted insurance when it's time for your renewal. 

The device also provides a more accurate reading of your driving style when it comes to insurance policies. This means that insurers can confidently tailor your insurance policy to you, based on your ability to drive rather than only looking at your age and where you live. 

When you take out black box insurance, there are additional benefits, such as bonus miles, but this depends on what insurer you choose for your cover. 

Is black box car insurance for me? 

If you're a young or new driver, particularly under the age of 25, black box car insurance can be a great way of monitoring how you are driving and if there are any improvements you can make whilst you're on the road. It's a great way to encourage safer driving, as well as saving you a lot of money. 

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