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Car Warranty

Taking out a warranty will cover
vehicle repairs and give you peace of mind

Every driver needs peace of mind when they're clocking up the miles, so many opt to take out a car warranty which covers the cost of labour and parts over a period of time if the vehicle requires work due to mechanical or electrical failure. If the car malfunctions, the warranty will cover the costs of repair. You can keep the cost of a warranty down by choosing a more basic package or taking it out over a shorter term, but the key point to remember is that the less the warranty offers, the more likely you will have to pay out from your own pocket. 

Benefits of a free manufacturer's warranty

For drivers who opt to purchase a new car, the good news is that it will invariably come with a free manufacturer's warranty. The warranty lengths differ depending on the dealership and marque, but most will cover you for repairs for a period of three years or 60,000 miles, whichever milestone you reach first. There will also be the option to extend the warranty when it expires. At this point it's advisable to shop around to ensure you're getting the best deal on the market from the range of independent warranty providers. Do read the small print and the terms and conditions thoroughly as different insurers will have their own claims procedures. Some require the driver to pay up-front and then recoup the cost through the insurer. 

Factors to consider before taking out an extended warranty 

Whether you drive a car, a van or a motorcycle, it's important to consider the average cost of repairs if you should run into problems with the major mechanical or electronic components. If you own a vehicle that is likely to suffer several expensive breakdowns, it's a good idea to consider an extended warranty as this could be a wise precaution against unexpected and potentially expensive repair bills. 

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What is covered when you purchase a car warranty?

The car warranty will usually cover repairs to the engine, the electrics, the fuel system, the air conditioning, the gear box, the steering and suspension, the clutch and brake parts. Sundries and consumables such as batteries, bulbs, wheels and tyres will fall outside the warranty, and wear and tear, such as to the brake discs and pads will not be included. Cosmetic repairs to paintwork will not come under the warranty, neither will accidental damage nor vandalism. It is sometimes possible, however, to have some repair cover added onto the policy at an added cost.

What is the cost of a car warranty?

The cost of a car warranty will depend on various factors including the car's value, its age, the current mileage and the distance you drive annually.

What will happen if I buy a used car?

Larger dealerships may offer an 'approved used car warranty' which will run for around 12 months. However, for the warranty to remain valid, the car may have to be serviced at the dealership.