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Young Driver Insurance

In your first few years after learning to drive, knowing that you have the right insurance can boost your confidence on the roads.

It's not always lack of experience that can lead to accidents, so don't assume that just because you intend to drive safely, nothing else will happen to cause an accident. There are three types of car insurance that you need to consider:

Fully Comprehensive 

With this policy type, you will be covered for just about every eventuality, hence the name. It protects you and your vehicle and also other drivers if an accident is your fault. You'll be able to claim for medical expenses as a result of any injuries and any repair costs needed to get you back on the road. This insurance will also cover you for any fire damage and a replacement if your car is stolen. Perhaps counterintuitively, this type of young driver insurance is usually also the cheapest option. 

Third party, fire and theft

As you might expect, this type of young driver insurance will cover damage to a third party's vehicle, third party injuries and your own car but only if it is stolen or damaged by fire. This type of insurance is on average slightly more expensive than fully comp. 

Third party only 

This type of young driver insurance is the absolute minimum required by law. It won't cover you or your car, it will only pay for damage you cause to other people's vehicles or property and their injuries. Young person insurance is almost always more expensive than for older drivers. As you gain experience, and especially if you have few or no incidents that result in a claim, you should find that your premiums start to get lower. 

As with any other type of insurance, young driver insurance premiums are calculated on the risk of incidents and the likelihood of casualty, which data shows are high. This is why it's so important to use a broker that can help you to find the lowest quote possible 

Young driver insurance tips 

One thing you can do to reduce your young driver insurance premium over time is to agree to a policy where your driving is monitored through telematics. This means either having an app on your phone, a black box or another type of device in your car at all times. The price of the policy won't be cheaper immediately, but if you prove that you drive safely you will be offered discounts later on. 

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Other things you can consider to keep costs down now, and in the future, include: 

  • Choose a car designated as safer, in a lower insurance category, as this will attract a lower premium.
  • Only drive when you need to, and when you feel confident, reducing the likelihood of an accident. 
  • Keep your car in a safe, secure location, reducing the risk of vandalism or theft. 
  • Add an experienced driver to your policy. 
  • Avoid any interest by paying the annual amount in full, and opting for a higher voluntary excess.