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Van Insurance

If you use a van then you'll need van insurance that is tailored to you and your vehicle.

Car insurance policies are normally not applicable to vans and most insurers handle vans differently with specialised van insurance, especially in view of their engine size and resale value.

However, there are other factors involved in deciding what level and cost of van insurance you need so we've compiled some tips to help you make an informed decision and get the best value for your van insurance.

Go direct for the best quote.

Here at Lyca Insure, we want to give you the best value van insurance possible. Coming directly to us means we'll tailor your quote perfectly so you know you've got the best price we can find.

Guard against theft

Vans are popular with thieves as they retain a high resale value, have powerful engines, and often contain valuable equipment. Secure your investment by fitting additional locks and a good alarm system. Also, consider investing in signwriting on it. This is mobile advertising for you and also makes your van a less attractive target for thieves as it's harder to sell on and more likely to be identified by the police.  

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What do you use your van for?

If you only use your van for personal activity, make sure you declare this to your insurer as this can potentially reduce your costs. For commercial use, make sure you're clear about what you use the van for. This will ensure you're adequately covered for: 

  • Carriage of your own goods only e.g. moving your tools between jobs. 
  • Carriage of goods for hire or reward e.g. moving materials to jobs and delivering multiple goods belonging to others such as parcels.
  • Haulage e.g. moving a single order a very long distance.

What level of van insurance cover do you need?

You can opt for different levels of cover: 

  • Third-party cover which only covers injury to third parties and their property in an accident.
  • Third-party fire and theft which is as above but also covers your van against fire or theft that is not your fault.
  • Comprehensive cover. Policies vary but this usually covers all of the above plus injury to you and damage to your van in an accident. 
  • Obviously, the more that's covered, the more your premium is likely to cost but failing to cover your van sufficiently could be an expensive mistake if you rely on it for business.

What size van do you really need?

Although it's tempting to invest in a van with a larger engine or capacity hoping your business will grow rapidly, bear in mind that bigger vans cost more to buy and insure so it's best to size your van to your needs.  

How often to you use your van?

When applying for insurance quotes think, about how many miles you expect to cover each year. If your annual mileage is low, then your insurance premium can reflect this lower risk. When not in use, park in a secure garage or yard if possible too.